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Client Testimonials

Michael J. Dowling Testimonials

Wool Street Publishing ghostwriting client Jenny DearbornMichael’s professional knowledge, consummate writing skills, and reassuring guidance were just what this first-time author needed in order to successfully write and publish Data Driven: How Performance Analytics Delivers Extraordinary Sales Results. I absolutely couldn’t have done it on my own. Mike provided vital input on the format of the book, and he creatively translated my thoughts into engaging, understandable, and impactful content. I tell anyone who is thinking about writing a book to call Michael

Jenny Dearborn, MEd, MBA Senior VP, Chief Learning Officer, SAP
Palo Alto, CA

ghostwriting client david herdlinger

I have contracted with many writers and editors on various projects, but I never had anyone in your profession produce such high quality work, and do so BEFORE the assigned deadline. My expectations of your work were high, and you have exceeded them. You are a master of the written word. Your keen knowledge of business, coupled with your firm grip of the English language, makes you a rare and valuable commodity.

David Herdlinger, President, Kashbox Coaching
St. Simons Island, GA

lee ellis author

Mike Dowling did an outstanding job of editing and ghostwriting my latest book, Leading With Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton. His experience and natural talent were obvious in the way he expertly guided me, taking my stories and ideas and fashioning them into a highly professional finished product.

We had a great working relationship. Mike was easy to work with, showing the right balance of accommodating my needs and pushing back appropriately to help me when I got in my own way. Thanks to Mike’s great work, I believe we ended up with a first-class book, which won the 2012 International Book Award in the “Business Management & Leadership” category. I highly recommend Mike for editing and ghostwriting services.

Leon “Lee” Ellis, President, Leadership Freedom LLC
Atlanta, GA

The thought of writing a book can be overwhelming, and that’s just the beginning! Once you begin to put thoughts onto paper, you realize that’s only the first steauthor of Mining Your Own Businessp. To really get the book launched, you need to design the book covers and layout, obtain an ISBN, proof, publish, and market it. Help!

I could only muster enough time to develop content for Mining Your Own Business, which I co-authored with Jeff Deal. I’m grateful to have been introduced to Michael J. Dowling. Mike is not only a great writer, but he knows how to publish books. He took our technical content and turned it into an easy-to-read published book, ideal for our target audience. Success!

I highly recommend Mike Dowling and Wool Street Publishing for anyone who wants to write and publish a non-fiction book.

Gerhard Pilcher, President & CEO, Elder Research, Inc.

Arlington, VA

Bill Rossiter utilized Wool Street Publishing ghostwriting services.

Mike Dowling was great to work with, shepherding me through the creation of my book Diverge. Mike definitely made the writing process enjoyable. The final product a successful piece that I am very proud of. He was a good partner through what is a sometimes stressful process. With the confidence and success I obtained with this book, my next book will also be with Mike.

Bill Rossiter, CEO, Interrupt
Sylvania, OH

The concept of having a book with your name on the cover is exciting. The effort to actually write a book and get it to market is daunting, especially for a first-time Jeff deal used my ghostwriting and publishing Putting the words and concepts on paper (or on the computer screen) is hard enough, especially if you are also trying to work a full-time job at the same time. However, there is so much more to publishing a book than just the writing. There is cover design, proofreading, layout, marketing, distribution, the actual sales process, and much more.

Michael J. Dowling provided expert writing and guidance to my co-author, Gerhard Pilcher, and me throughout the process of producing our book, Mining Your Own Business. Mike would listen to us talk. Then he would do the hard work of capturing complex concepts and expressing them in a clear way that is understandable to business leaders who do not have technical expertise in our field.

Mike is a superb writer, but his value goes well beyond just the writing. He understands the book publishing business, and what he does not do himself, he refers to other experts equally as good. Gerhard and I are very pleased with our book, and we are glad to recommend Michael Dowling and Wool Street Publishing to other writers who need expert assistance.

Jeff Deal, VP, Elder Research, Inc.
Charlottesville, VA

Author Marty Harshberger is a satisfied client of Wool Street Publishing.

I just received the copies of Bottom Line Focus from the printer, and I gave away two of them to executives I know. Both really liked it. In fact, they said they made notes and underlined key passages. One called today and ordered six copies for his staff. The other said he had never read a book where the author’s personality came through so well!  I wanted to share this positive response with you. You did a great job working with me on my book, and it’s really encouraging to get this kind of feedback.

Marty Harshberger, President, Measurable Results
Santillo, MS

Lisa Huetterman wrote her first book with the help of Michael J Dowling-web

I hired Michael to help me write The Value of Core Values: Five Keys to Success through Values-Centered Leadership. He did a phenomenal job collaborating with me on the structure of the book and editing my work. Not only was Michael a pleasure to work with, encouraging me throughout the process, the final product continues to receive rave reviews.

Lisa Huetteman, Consultant, Black Diamond LLC
Tampa, FL

Joan Walsh wrote a book with the help of ghostwriter Mike Dowling.

Michael, writing a book with you has been the one of the best moves I’ve made at this stage in my career. The impact in terms of visibility and credibility has been huge. Now when I’m introduced to people, I’m not only a business coach and consultant, I’m also an author.

As a direct result of the book, my speaking engagements have increased almost 50 percent. Many of the organizations who invite me to speak buy my book and give it to the attendees. That, of course, brings in additional revenues and further promotes my services.

On several occasions, it’s opened doors to profitable new business. In fact, before the first copy of the book was in my hands, it had already brought in two new consulting contracts that more than paid for its cost.

Joan Walsh, Executive Coach & Consultant
Kennett Square, PA

Greg Sperry was the first ghostwriting client of Michael J Dowling and Wool Street Publishing.

We are most pleased with Mike Dowling’s professional services. His writing skills are exceptional. He provided creative ideas, organizational expertise, and ‘servant leadership’ that enabled us to complete our book project within a very tight time frame. Without reservation, we commend his services to others!

Greg Sperry, Executive V.P., National Christian Foundation
Atlanta, GA

David Herdlinger used Michael J. Dowling to write Healing a Hospital. ...

When I asked you to help me write Healing a Hospital, I viewed the book strictly as an expensive brochure to promote my coaching services. Well, the promotion part certainly happened. The book has brought in new business and increased my speaking invitations beyond my wildest expectations.

But something else happened that I didn’t expect. People began to buy my book, sometimes in quantity. Within the first three months of its publication, proceeds from book sales had more than paid for the entire writing and publishing process. Instead of a somewhat effective brochure that would have cost me money, I actually had a highly effective sales tool that became an additional revenue stream.

David Herdlinger, Executive Coach
St. Simons Island, GA

Mike’s study notes for The Family Foundations Study Bible (Thomas Nelson, 2006) were insightful, concise, and well-written. Mike quickly grasped the complex nature of the assignment and his contribution to the project was much appreciated.

Betsy Schmitt, Senior Editor, Livingstone Corporation
Carol Stream, IL

Working with Mike is truly a joy. His positive personality and professional approach make our writing projects go very smoothly.  He has a clear writing style, mature focus, and conscientious follow-through that perfectly suit our organization’s needs.  Mike has exceeded my expectations. I plan to continue to use him as a freelance writer on future projects.

Michael McNeilly, Director, Crown Financial Ministries
Gainesville, GA

Mike became our consultant for a comprehensive writing project that summarized twenty years of our ministry’s operations. He captured the nature of who we are, what we do, and where we are going. Mike stands out as one of the most logical and diligent servant leaders I know. Without any hesitation, I recommend him to you.

Randy Bruno, Exec. Director, The Gathering Place
St. Simons Island, GA

I am writing to thank you for your tremendous work on The National Christian Foundation’s new “Celebrate” book and 2006 annual report. We have heard from numerous donors whom you interviewed that you were wonderful to work with, and they are all raving about the terrific stories you’ve written — which we and they believe will have great impacts on the hearts and minds of other Christian givers for years to come.

Steve Chapman, VP, The National Christian Foundation
Atlanta, GA

It was a pleasure working with Mr. Dowling. We handed him an important advertising project with a tight deadline and a complex message, and his work was right on target. His succinct style, creative flow, and quick grasp of the needs of the assignment saved the day!

Otmara Diaz-Cooper, President, Diaz-Cooper Advertising
Miami, FL

The Butin Group provides marketing and public relations services to large multi-branded companies with highly specialized communications needs. Mike Dowling is an excellent writer and editor and a valued member of our team. His outstanding business- and project-management skills enable him to capably handle all types of writing and editing assignments, from press releases and articles to documenting complex systems and procedures. I highly recommend his services.

Mary Butin, President, The Butin Group
St. Simons Island, GA

It was a pleasure working with you on the marketing plan for my client. Your ability to write effectively and succinctly, combined with your attention to detail and timeliness, proved to be exactly what we needed on this project. Your creative strength was spotlighted as you ‘thought outside the box’ to offer unique ideas for the client’s marketing efforts. Thank you for a job extremely well done.

Becky Parker, President, Marketing Solutions
St. Simons Island, GA

With only minimal input from me, Michael Dowling promptly produced a professional marketing piece that superbly captured the message and style I wanted. His first draft became my final draft! He’s a talented resource for writing and editing.

Angie Lafontaine, CEO, Lafontaine Retail Consulting
Victoria, B.C., Canada

Mike does a fantastic job of polishing a manuscript. Not only does he pay attention to the details, he’s concerned about conveying the right message at all times and making sure every ounce of my thinking is presented properly. I highly recommend him to anybody who wants to publish a manuscript and have it done right the first time.

John Palumbo, Consultant
Jacksonville, FL

Michael did an incredible job on my book. He worked better and than I could have ever imagined and completed the project ahead of schedule.  But what was even more valuable to me was that he always made himself available. He gave incredibly insightful advice, not just on my book, but also about my business. I highly recommend him!

Bryan Fisher, President, The Career Empowerment Group,
Los Angeles, CA

Professional,efficient, insightful, and helpful–these are the words I would use to describe Mike Dowling. He is an excellent editor and talented writer. Mike helped me present my “big ideas” in a way that was clear, focused, and memorable.

Paul B. Thornton, Professor of Business Administration
Springfield, MA

Douglas Winslow Cooper Testimonials

“Many thanks to Doug Cooper, my editor and mentor…an author in his own right. A remarkable man who guided me through the maze of organizing a book.  His constructive criticism was instrumental in helping me to create a book that is more readable and to realize my potential as a writer.”

Alice Conner Selfridge, author of High Shoes and Bloomers

 “…. I got to know Dr. Cooper well from working with him on Ava Gardner’s Daughter? and collaborating with him on Shield. He truly is a gentleman. I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for his dedication and devotion as our book’s co-author. It was truly an honor. If not for him, this book would have not been written. Thank you, Doug.”

Lenny Golino, co-author of The Shield of Gold

 “At the top of my list is Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D. Doug is my editor and writing coach, and he, above all others, gave me the confidence and courage to continue this project. That he (with that Ph.D. after his name and a long list of academic achievements from impressive schools), agreed with most of the opinions and rationales I expressed in this book,  removed many of my feelings of inadequacy. He helped me – no, forced me – to think when doubts and fears led me astray from the task at hand. Doug, a physicist by profession, is a very scientific thinker, so when I ventured into areas of opinion where people are expected to have letters after their names, his approval was both essential and invaluable. I needed him to lend me some of his gravitas. Plus, he is astonishingly good at coming up with synonyms and better syntax.” 

Judy Axtell, author of But…at What Cost

 “I thank Douglas Cooper for all his help and guidance on my writing of my book. This has been a dream of mine for many years, and with his help, I can finally see it come true.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Kathleen Blake Shields, author of Home Is Where the Story Begins: Memoir of a Happy Childhood

Praise for Susan Sloate’s Books


“Ron Doades and Susan Sloate [are] paving the way for a new breed of ‘self-help’fiction with their novel, REALIZING YOU… the different perspectives of five protagonists makes for a vivid read… REALIZING YOU is, ultimately, the best format for absorbing hard lessons in self-transformation.” D. Donovan, Midwest Book Reviews


“A unique love story [that] will appeal to all romantic hearts… fast-paced, engaging, but also realistic… a must-read that [will]leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul.” Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews

“Sheer brilliance… Not a false note is ever struck.” Carol Kean, author of IRONWOLF

“Beautifully written and engaging… I enjoyed every second of it!” Bookish and Bushytailed Book Blog

“Original and unpredictable… Susan Sloate is a great writer.”  Been There, Read That, Reviewed the Book


“The best book I have read all year… The plot is superb and it keep me reading for hours… the characters are beautifully written…Read it immediately. Once you have, like me, you will be recommending it to everyone you know.” Wendy H. Jones, Wendy H. Jone-Bookaholic Blog

“I actually got chills. That doesn’t happen to me very often. [And] 40 pages from the end, I really cried.” Lloyd Russell, Book Sage Blog

“One of the most amazing books I’ve ever read… A real mix of time travel and action adventure that really works in a gripping story.” Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews

“What a superb job… both brave and brilliant… this novel really does have it all.” Texas Book Nook

“I couldn’t stop reading… it’s a story that speaks to the reader with humanity and humility.” Cindi Clubbs, MommaSez Blog

“[It brings] to vivid life that period in American history. Obviously meticulously researched, this novel sings… I love the writing and found the novel extremely readable.” RK, Amazon Book Reviewer

“I loved, loved, loved it… intriguing, engaging, captivating and fascinating… I highly, highly recommend this book. I give it 5++ stars.” Maggie Thom, bestselling author, Tainted Waters

“Hooked me from the beginning… [with] nail-biting suspense… never a dull moment right up to the end… [includes] a touch of truly tender and very poignant romance… If I could give this book more than five stars, I would.” Ellen Fritz, Books4tomorrow blog

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We respect your privacy.