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Should you become an author?

Writing and publishing a non-fiction book can catapult you
and your organization to a whole new level of success!

You see, writing a book is not only the best way, it is the indisputably essential way, to establish your credibility in your field of expertise. Using authorship as a marketing strategy brings you an ongoing flow of clients who are deliberately and purposefully seeking you.

Elsom Eldridge Jr. and Mark L. Eldridge, co-authors of
How to Position Yourself as the Obvious Expert

But becoming an author is not a trivial undertaking. Before embarking on the journey, it’s wise to clarify your goals and learn some essentials about the writing and publishing process.

Without clear purposes and goals, you will lack the motivation to do a good job. And without the necessary knowledge, you risk making costly mistakes.


To assess your motivation and needs, simply complete the brief two-part questionnaire below:

Part I: Motivation

What would you most like to accomplish with your book?

Promote my personal capabilities
Promote my organization's services and products
Build my brand
Enhance my reputation as a thought leader and an authority in my field
Get more speaking opportunities
Increase my media exposure
Advance a cause I believe in
Help launch a new career
Pass on my knowledge to others
Generate income from sales of my book

Review the benefits you've checked above and assess their potential return. If attractive, you should have plenty of motivation to produce a first-class book. Now, it's time to assess your needs.

Part 2: Needs

Where do you most need help with your book?

Clarifying my goals
Understanding the writing and publishing process
Identifying my target audience
Picking my subject
Formatting my book for maximum impact
Finding time to write
Finding a ghostwriter or editor
Deciding whether to self-publish or seek a traditional publisher
Finding an agent or publisher
Establishing accountability to keep my project moving
Planning marketing and distribution

Don't let these needs block you from realizing your dream! Broaden your knowledge by reading books about writing and publishing. (A good place to start is with my white paper, "7 Common Roadblocks to Writing a Book, and How to Overcome Them.") Also talk to other professionals who have written books and service providers in the field of writing and publishing. Better yet, contact me for a free 30-minute professional consultation. By the end of our call, you should know whether becoming an author is right for you! To schedule your call, simply fill in the information below and hit "send."

Expect to hear from me soon. I look forward to helping you make good decisions about your writing endeavor!

Having your name on a book can be an immense boost for your business. The added prestige of being an information product developer lends you the kind of credibility that allows you to increase your hourly rates and project fees.

Steven Van Yoder, author of
Get Slightly Famous: Become a Celebrity in Your Field and Attract More Business with Less Effort

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Get "The Write Stuff" newsletter delivered to your inbox!

Practical tips for aspiring non-fiction authors and enterprising writers of English!

We respect your privacy.